We're Matt & Jay the founders of the Outdoor Inn.

We've always been enthusiastic businessmen!
lways wanting to do something we have complete autonomy over.


This is it. 

We genuinely planned this idea over many pints in a nearby establishment. We had no idea if it would work or if it was possible. Every stage of our journey from concept to build was just one big investigation. 

The catalyst.

Matt accidentally bought a horse box on new years day 2018.

That was the boost we needed to turn plans into a reality.

It was hard. Fact. Some days it still is. 

But from where we started with our modest horse box,
to where we are now, with our shipping container conversion
as well as housing four sparkling pods,

it's fair to say we've come a long way.


We couldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for the people.
The great regulars and friends we've made along the way.


We created a bar we would like to drink in, and boy haven't we!


  Join us for a beer when you can
and we'll safely see you soon.

M & J