Hello people of Cheltenham,

We're extremely excited to launch The Outdoor Inn this summer.

If you're not sure what it is, well, it's a new concept arriving in Cheltenham from April 2019. Our aim is to combine alfresco bars from around the world and Germany's beer gardens! 

Our main opening hours will be Thursdays - Sundays for the entire summer as well as adhoc evenings during periods of nice summer weather. 

We're supplying the drinks and are teaming up with local pop-up food caterers to ensure that every time you visit, there will always be something new to try.

Most people we speak to think we're crazy and ask us why are we even bothering? Well, we both enjoy the atmosphere that pop-up bars bring! Look at the Cheltenham Jazz festival, every year that is a hive of activity! Pop into the Edinburgh Fringe Festival during August and you'll see exactly what we're aiming for! 

Not only that, the piece of land we're operating on has been unoccupied for decades. Leaving the top of Cheltenham High Street looking unpleasant. Our pledge to the community is to regenerate that piece of land, to ensure it's welcoming and vibrant! 


So, when you're at a loose end or just passing during the summer, do come in and have a chat. We're not a big chain, we're local lads who'll be doing all of the work! 

See you soon!


Matt & Jay


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