Hello people of Cheltenham,

What a year 2019 has been!

If you're not sure what we are, well, we're a new concept that arrived in Cheltenham in April 2019. Our aim was to combine alfresco bars from around the world and Germany's beer gardens! 


We re-opened in December for our FROSTIVAL - which runs till Tuesday 24th December. Then we'll be back in the new year with our phase 2!

What is it you ask?

Phase 2, see's the arrival of two shipping containers on
our site. They will be converted into an indoor space -
which will enable us to trade all year round! Great news
for all of our regular customers who miss us when we're

closed due to adverse weather!

Our planning application has been accepted and a
proposed image of what the unit will look like is here >


2020 is another year of big change for us,
so please keep an eye - pop in when we're open!


Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

See you soon!


Matt & Jay


© 2019 The Outdoor Inn, Cheltenham