Hello people of Cheltenham,

We were reeling at what a year 2019 had been for us, and how we were looking forward to completing phase 2 and hitting 2020 hard! However, as we are all now aware, a covidiculous situation took over the world and everything paused! But, Phase 2 did happen...and it's ready and waiting for you all! See information below about our developments!

What is it you ask?

Phase 2, saw the arrival of two shipping containers on
our site. They were converted into an indoor space -
which would have enabled us to trade all year round!
Great news...so we thought. Till 2020 threw a curveball!

DO NOT PANIC. We are back, with a lot of changes, but

we cannot wait to see you! 

I think we've all earn't a beer after this year. Anyone want to take the tape out, rewind it and start again...nah.. let's ditch this tape. Who's got 2021 to hand? ha!

Let's laugh together again soon.

Best wishes,

Matt & Jay 



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