The Law is ever changing this year, so please read this page properly.

To fill our customers with confidence that we're working within the parameters of the Government's advice and laws, below is a list of how we're going to operate from now on...

1. We now have PEAK & OFF-PEAK times, where you'll need to book a TABLE or POD to guarantee a seat! We will require names of all attendees for track and trace. Walk-ins are required to give contact details to gain entry (as of Monday 14th September)

2. Children are not permitted in our venue. Babies, in pushchairs only, can enter and will be required to be off site by 6pm daily.

3. Minimum booking is 2 people, max is 6 people per table by LAW. 18+ only and I.D will be required at the gate at all times. We will refuse entry to groups who are already tipsy and arrive in a bigger group than 6.

4. You'll have to wait on the street till we invite you in to sit at your table.

5. You
will need a phone/device with internet to order your drinks from the comfort of your own seat and they will arrive to your table by magic. We will not be running tabs or taking cash at all. We will NOT be able to do waiter orders during our busiest periods.

6. You will not be able to move tables to talk to others.

7. Bookings will be done in time slots of 3 hours. Once the time's up, we'll clear the entire bar to allow staff to clean and sanitise the place for the next group.


8. There will be no indoor seating so bring a coat if you're worried... Our blankets will not be on offer - laundry eh!

9. W/C will be one in one out. With only one toilet in operation. We know! It sounds covidiculous, but it's for your safety!

10. All tables are spaced at least 1.5m apart from the next. 


11. We won't be able to facilitate people nipping on and off site during your booking. So if you leave, please expect not to come back in.

12. Any rudeness or bad behaviour directed at anyone (especially staff) will not be tolerated and you'll be asked to leave without negotiation (having too much to drink will not be acceptable). As you can appreciate, this is a difficult time for all so we want everyone to have a nice chilled Outdoor Inn experience! 

13. Staff will not be taking bookings, this can only be done online.

14. We have the right to refuse entry. 

15. Bring your own food is welcome whenever we do not have pop up food stalls. BYO alcohol is not permitted. 


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