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Legend bloomin' has it... 

One winter evening, a fine gent called Jay
bought his old pal Matt a pint in a near by drinking hole.

One pint led to another.

An idea was birthed from too many beverages...well...

They spent all evening arguing who had
came up with it first, and then a big brawl broke out!

Pirate Jase stepped in throwing candle sticks,
Randle as well, and don't get us started on Fathead -
who lost his fight with a curtain pole, not so long back.

Well, it was a big old mess that night...

A year after the famous brawl of 2018.

The Outdoor Inn opened.


With a modest horsebox and no fencing...
it's a wonder how they did it at all.

But by god, they've cracked it Jeff.

What's next... WELL

Being a lover of abandoned spaces,
Jay started investigating an old hotel in Gloucester.

Matt's still looking for him and is worried for his safety.


If you see Jay, do not approach him! 


Matt has Jay's fleece and is trying to ensure he gets it to keep himself ruddy warm.

Kids eh...

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